About us

Contributing ancient skills in today’s modern monuments

Specialized in temple architect, we offer the benefits of ancient sculpting to today’s monuments. We have a special tendency in restoration and extension of previous temples as the part of recent Indian temples. Blending with the advanced technology we incorporate meticulous work for the modern Indian temples. We have currently worked on the execution of Akshardhan in Delhi. We not only executed temple complexes across India, but even distributed the faith across the globe including USA, Scotland, UK and many other countries.

We have been contributed our ancient art for the inception of some of the biggest monuments of the country including Akshardham in Delhi, Swami narayan Temple in Bhujj, Jain Temple Varaman . Besides, we have also been incorporated our skills of ancient art and sculpting aboard such as Jain Temple at Florida and California, Pagoda at Vietnam, Gurudwara in UK. We are also engaged in the restoration work for reviving the historic temple like Jain Temple at Shankhaswar. We have also utilized our skill for the interior home designing. Some of the famous business families have praised our work.



Temples reflect fusion of several architectural styles

Mr. Virendra K. Trivedi is a renowned architect with the background of Sompura community well known for Monument and temple architectures. After acquiring Diploma in Civil Engineering, he has started contributing his skills in the family businesses along with his father and grandfather. He is fortunate to assist his grandfather in the age-old projects incepted by his forefathers.

The fundamentals of Shilp Shastra is what he got in heredity from his elders expert in Temple architecture. Although extracting the ancient art, he himself is specialized in building contemporary and contrasting architectural style of temples. His best work can be displayed through the Akshardham monument where he incorporated the construction in Marble and pink sandstone without using any steel. The temple reflects a fusion of several architectural styles of pink sandstone and white marble.

Although building the temple is an ancient art, but our professionals use the latest computer technology to model and perceive the entire architecture. Besides, we even design all our religious structures in accord with the fundamentals of Vastushastra. The proportions, details, and forms are derived from the detailed study of Nakshaktras.